Version: Minecraft 1.14.4

Mob Battle

Mob battle v.1.5


Game Modes

- Added Dummy Arena

--- You can choose when a creeper spawns

--- Creepers will not explode


- Re-added the Skeleton Mode Deathroom

--- It has an arrow dodger minigame, a horse race and a particle tester

- Added cutscenes for Story Mode

- Added a Safe Slot

--- You can put items in this for later usage

- Added a Bow Shooter in the Deathroom

--- When defeated the zombies, Kit-Finder Mode is playable

- Added rewards for Challenge Advancements


- Added shop info when right-clicking the signs



Game Modes

- Decreased Campfire Quest waiting time from 5 to 2.5 minutes

- The creeper that drops Notch Apples in Campfire Quest now drops a Creeper Tear

- Kit-Finder Mode is now only available by completing the Bow Shooter in the Deathroom

- Crafting Mode has been renamed to Crafting Course

Kits and Shops

- Kits with effects have their effects now applied to armor

- Buffed the Overpowered kit

- Enchanted shop is now cheaper

- Buffed the Potion of Undying

- Buffed the Potion of Nova


- The objectives board is now synced with the objectives sidebar

- Changed the Potion of Speedy Strength to Saturating Haste for the Creeper Head Rewards


- Witch + kit had the wrong information

- Potions of Harming weren't very effective in Skeleton Mode

- The button to complete Story Mode could be placed where it wasn't supposed to

- Skeleton Mode didn't remove steak at the end of the game

- The Kill All Creeper Spawn Egg did not work

- The spawn point did not update when joining a game of Crafting Course

- Enchanted Books in the Enchanted Shop could be stolen

--- Not that they had any use whatsoever

- Death Kit Potion Effects didn't work for Skeletons, as they are undead mobs

- Dying was impossible with the Life Kit enabled in Skeleton Mode

- The artefact signs were spelled wrong

--- It was spelled 'Artifact'

- After playing a game of Skeleton Mode, it would not add a point to the Times Played objective


- The Death Option was supposed to be added this update, due to a deadline from the previous version. However, this is almost incredibly hard without a specific gamerule that will be added in Minecraft 1.15

- Scrapped making the Life Kit more expensive

- There was a bug while testing the previous update. After looking after it, nothing seemed wrong. That's why this bug has been scrapped

- Another bug that I could not fix was that every item from the Item Crafter was removed after crafting an item, even if it wasn't in the recipe

- Originally, Kit-Finder Mode would be made unused

- Scrapped that Dummy Arena was scrapped

Mob Battle is a Minecraft map where you need to fight against creepers and skeletten with kits. There's a shop, Different game modes and there are objectives and advancements to accomplish.


You can choose yourself if you want a storyline in Mob Battle. If you do choose one, here's the storyline:
When you got lost in the forest, DeadlyRamses tells you the way out. But instead of giving you the right way, he tells you to go left. As a result, you are teleported into the arena. Every time when you start a new Game Mode, a a small cutscene in the shape of text can be seen. The player changes from not wanting to hurt a fly to a person who doesn't mind to kill monsters. After escaping, you and DeadlyRamses decide to destroy the arena.

In the map


Since v1.3, there are only 2 shops. These can be found in the spawn or by going through a portal. You can buy these things in the spawn:

  1. Trident, costs 20 levels
  2. Totem of Undying, costs 50 levels
  3. Potion of Undying, costs 50 levels
  4. Potion of Killing, costs 60 levels
  5. Potion of Nova, costs 40 levels
  6. Potion of Invincibility, costs 100 levels
  7. Golden Apple, costs 15 levels
  8. Enchanted Golden Apple, costs 50 levels
  9. Ender Pearl, costs 40 levels
  10. Knockback Stick, costs 10 levels
  11. Speed Feather, costs 15 levels
  12. Kill All Creepers, costs 100 levels

There's also an enchanted shop where you can buy enchantments for your gear.


There are 20 kits to choose from:

  1. Death (Locked, costs 50 levels(Death Helmet))
  2. Life (Locked, costs 50 levels(Life Helmet))
  3. Looting (sword with Looting VI)
  4. Archer (Standard bow kit)
  5. Tank (Standard diamond armor kit)
  6. Overpowered (Locked, costs 60 levels(Speed effect))
  7. Armor of Undying (Locked, costs 30 levels(Totem of Undying))
  8. Witch (Potions with two effects)
  9. Witch + (Locked, costs 25 levels(Witch helmet that gives you effects when put on)
  10. Creator (Locked, costs 40 levels(Command block with sharpness 20))
  11. Health (Regeneration until you die)
  12. SuperNova (Locked, costs 40 levels(Harming II arrows))
  13. Challenge Mode (Full Leather armor and a stone sword)
  14. Challenge Mode + (Locked, costs 10 levels(Harder version of Challenge Mode))
  15. Creeper (Armor with Blast Protection)
  16. Creeper +(Locked, costs 20 levels(TNT))
  17. Assassin (Potions of Swiftness)
  18. Assassin + (Locked, costs 50 levels(Player Head that gives you potion effects))
  19. Pro Archer (Kit for people who handle bows very well)
  20. Pro Fighter (Kit for people who handle swords very well)


  1. Easy Mode
    Fight against creepers in the arena and gain artefacts which you can convert to levels
  2. Hard Mode
    Easy Mode, but with charged creepers, random fuse timing and other surprises
  3. Skeleton Mode
    Fight against creepers in the arena and gain artefacts which you can convert to levels
  4. Campfire Quest
    Choose yourself when a new wave starts by using the chat. All creepers will spawn around a campfire
  5. Crafting Mode
    Look in chests for ingredients for the Item Crafter. Some chests will spawn creepers
  6. Kit-finder Mode
    Find gear yourself for survival. Your kit will automaticly be removed when starting the game. Can only be accessed by playing the shooting game in the Death area
  7. Dummy Arena
    Choose yourself when and how many creepers spawn. Creepers will not explode


  1. Objectives
    Get rewards by doing stuff ingame, like killing 50 creepers, dying 15 times etc.
  2. Loot
    Get special loot from creepers that die, like diamonds, emeralds or nether stars
  3. Advancements
    Achieve advancements by playing Mob Battle, like playing Campfire Quest for the first time, killing 250 creepers and obtaining 16 diamonds
  4. Options
    Change the maps options, like day or night, FriendlyFire and portals
  5. Information
    Get information by pressing buttons with a question mark above it


The Creator Kit has a shield with a banner that is being used by the map creator(SuperJanNL/Tijd4Jan).
Mob Battle is the only Tijd4Jan map that gets updates
The original map is called "Mob Battle Arena"
Skeleton Mode was a secret before v1.3
There is a secret kit
Mob Battles 3 year anniversory is in 2020
v1.5 is the last update that comes out before Minecraft 1.15


Download the map