Welcome to my website! I'm going to share my Command Block Creations, Minecraft Maps, datapacks and Soundboard on this website. You can download Tijd4Music, the music I've composed. You can also find my Dutch YouTube channels in here. Last but not least, you can find the Creature Combat Wiki, where you can find all things Creature Combat, a map that I created for Minecraft. Have fun checking it out!


If the website looks weird, you can try clearing the cache in Google Chrome.

The website looks best on Google Chrome. I'm planning on making it look better on other browsers, but that might not happen in the near future.

About me


My name is Jan Apeldoorn. I'm 17 since 24th July 2020. I love making videos from pre-production to post-production. I've been making videos on YouTube since 2014 on Tijd4Jan - Stuff, since 2015 on Tijd4Jan - Games and since 2017 on Tijd4Jan - Sketch. I spend a lot of time making these video's. As a small YouTuber, I can talk to each subscriber individually. So you can be sure that I'll talk to you if you contact me!

Made it myself!

This website is entirely fabricated by me using HTML and CSS. I really enjoy working on it, sometimes. I also wrote a little game in Python called 'A Squirrel World'. It's a text-based game.


My favorite games are Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Terraria. You can find most of these games back on my channels. I also like watching movies or series with the genre comedy. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Nine Nine... you name it! You can also call me a Trekkie, because I really enjoy Star Trek!


I usually play Minecraft surival if I'm bored, but I also make Minecraft Maps to express my creativity. My favorite maps are Creature Combat and New City. These are maps I update. I also play around with Command Blocks and datapacks if I'm bored. I might make a lot of video's, but there's always time to do other stuff in Minecraft!